Stars – Äthe [Trap/Chill/Pop]



EAN: 4061707081040

Interpret: Äthe

Titel: Stars


  • Äthe


Sprache: Englisch

Veröffentlichungs Datum: 28.09.2018

Haupt-Genre: Chilltrap

Substyle: Pop Instrumental


Äthe – Stars (Musik Download)

Äthe looks to the stars. Late night after a fancy dance party in a club. Sitting in a car and waiting for the rising moon over the sleepy city. Do you hear the everlasting sound of electronic? Beats and chords melted to a pumping rhythm and a musical trap floated over the ground, Anybody out there stepped in something.

Tracks of the album stars and music download:

Track No.| Performer| Title| Label |Length| ISRC

1. Äthe – Earth IBEATLE DANCE 00:03:56 DEAR41813037

2. Äthe – Venus IBEATLE DANCE 00:04:52 DEAR41893465

3. Äthe – Mars IBEATLE DANCE 00:02:56 DEAR41870954

4. Äthe – Neptun IBEATLE DANCE 00:02:48 DEAR41834114

5. Äthe – Merkur IBEATLE DANCE 00:03:07 DEAR41871396

6. Äthe – Uranus IBEATLE DANCE 00:03:10 DEAR41851924

7. Äthe – Pluto IBEATLE DANCE 00:03:40 DEAR41848578

8. Äthe – Moon IBEATLE DANCE 00:07:39 DEAR41874706

9. Äthe – Saturn IBEATLE DANCE 00:09:20 DEAR41889524

10. Äthe – Jupiter IBEATLE DANCE 00:03:33 DEAR41867179

Of course Pop is always there but Chillout and the psy factor searches a hungry brain. At once there is a shiny star at the galaxy visible. This must be the planet where Äthe resides. Besides the mars putty , jupiter, saturn, earth and other candidates at the firmament wait to be seized by a sophisticated monkey. Is this future the discovery of human music my friend?

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