Paranormal Injection- The Star Sprangled Banner 2022

The Star Sprangled Banner – Super Bowl 2022 Musical Theme by V. v. Mozart


Music for the masses – The Super Bowl Story 2022

In heavy times music is an anchor to people. Let´s hear the latest release by Volker von Mozart called

„Sprangled“. Not only harp player but guitar player V. v. Mozart sounds a little like Jimmy Hendrix at Woodstock Festival. A reminder to a severe outstanding performance in music history. Well, maybe this here is not so smashing like the guitar maestro but with an eye twinkle to the moon. Listen at 06.202.2022 to this album and find your true opinion. Give music a chance in the storm!

Music has the overwhelming chance to survive

Quiet now and take that special moment

1. Volker von Mozart – The Star-Spangled Banner (Paranormal Injection), SCHALLROLA, 00:04:08, DEAR42228036

2. Volker von Mozart – The Star-Spangled Banner, SCHALLROLA, 00:02:14, DEAR42289039

3. Volker von Mozart – The Star-Spangled Banner (Prairie Guitar), SCHALLROLA, 00:03:51, DEAR42289784

4. Volker von Mozart – The Star-Spangled Banner (Desert Sun), SCHALLROLA, 00:03:30, DEAR42219887

5. Volker von Mozart -The Star-Spangled Banner (Super Bowl), SCHALLROLA, 00:02:49, DEAR42246601



Interpreteur: Volker von Mozart

Title: Super Bowl 2022 Sprangled

ContributorsPerformer: Volker von Mozart

Komponist: John Stafford Smith, Volker Wolfgang Schidlowski

E-Gitarre: Volker von Mozart


C-Vermerk2022 SCHALLROLA P-Vermerk2022 SCHALLROLA

Original Release Date: 06.02.2022


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