Äthe – Yoga Tubular (Meditation Music)



EAN: 4061707052699

Interpret: Äthe

Titel: Yoga Tubular


  • Äthe (Performing Artist)
  • Volker Wolfgang Schidlowski (Composer)

Version: Meditation Music


Sprache: Deutsch/English

Veröffentlichung-Datum: 06.07.2018

Haupt-Genre: New Age / Meditation

Substyle: Downtempo beats

Äthe – Yoga Tubular (Meditation Music)

Äthe looks to meditation and relaxing sounds with yoga aspect:

Description: Äthe sound: „Yoga Tubular“. Planned not only as mediation music, but also to find ethereal sounds, this album is a special discovery. Passionate soft pads and sound carpets float above the clouds to the ambient stars. In addition, tubular bells create a mystical atmosphere of a progressive nature. These bells certainly inspire songs for rhythmic rocking, or gentle bending with motor skills and persistent kinetics. Are you looking for an extraordinary sound experience? Then Yoga Tubular is the right decision for musical creativity.

Playlist of the Yoga Tubular Music album:

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Track No.| Interpreten| Titel| Label| Spieldauer| ISRC

1. Äthe – Bernstein (Tubular Bells) IBEATLE MUSIC SPOT 00:02:55 DEAR41883163

2. Äthe – Yoga (Sandmeditation) IBEATLE MUSIC SPOT 00:03:25 DEAR41827076

3. Äthe – Solinata (Tubular Bells) IBEATLE MUSIC SPOT 00:03:44 DEAR41843000

4. Äthe – Atmung (Tubular Bells) IBEATLE MUSIC SPOT 00:02:31 DEAR41869951

5. Äthe – Mensch (Tubular Bells) IBEATLE MUSIC SPOT 00:04:57 DEAR41845889

6. Äthe – Echoplay (Tubular Bells) IBEATLE MUSIC SPOT 00:03:41 DEAR41894615

7. Äthe – Arche (Yoga Prinzip) IBEATLE MUSIC SPOT 00:03:04 DEAR41867573

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