Doc Saw – The Nereid [Vocal house music]



EAN: 4061707317385

Artist: Doc Saw

Title: The Nereid


  • Doc Saw
  • Volker Wolfgang Schidlowski (Arranger)

Label: Fabrikwerk

Sprache: Englisch

Release-date: 13.03.2020

Presale date: 04.03.2020

Main-Genre: Vocal House

Substyle: Dance/Chillhouse


In Greek mythology, the Nereids are sea nymphs. Doc Saw describes the return of the nereid musically on his single. With shiny house vocals enhanced to a dance mission.

Doc Saw – The Nereid (Maxi-Single 2020)

Album Playlist, The Nereid:

1. Doc Saw – The Nereid (Radio Edit) Fabrikwerk 00:03:06 DEAR42082903

2. Doc Saw – The Nereid (2 Ch Mix) Fabrikwerk 00:04:04 DEAR42017959

3. Doc Saw – The Nereid (Chillhouse Mix) Fabrikwerk 00:03:56 DEAR42037732

Doc Saw is a musical artist from germany. Electronic music is the preferred style of Doc Saw. Even experimental sounds with sometimes funny results. Although the nereid maxi single has no lyrics it is not an instrumental song, since the track has female house vocals. Besides harp sounds lead to a dreamy mood on that single album. Listen now the next summer tunes today, mainly with Doc Saw. Hear the song and download the full audio quality now to your device

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