A Song of the Sea Rolling Home – Krat

Label Fabrikwerk

Sprache Englisch

VÖ-Datum 01.03.2020

Presale date 21.02.2020

Haupt-Genre Singer-Songwriter / Folk


Songs of the sea and other shanties echoed over the water. Krat awakens when sailors play harmonies and the violins until the ship is rolling home. Did you ever hear about a lurking pirate? This could be the story to this musicalbum. Mostly instrumental interpretation of traditional folk songs but with a soft empathie for the old sea songs. Krat is a musical project from germany, a newcomer found in 2019.

Sailor shanties and pirate songs

The thing is that you can hear a lot of songs not only the popular, even some hidden gems played with violins and flutes and other traditional music instruments sounding. The atmosphere provided is the best reminder for this Krat album. So it´s also possible to sing along with the tones even for Karaoke, or yust to relax to the music. To feel the sailor lifestyle enhanced through the interpretation by Krat.

Playlist of the 25 songs:

Track No. Interpreten Titel Label Spieldauer ISRC

1. Krat Tramps and Hawkers Fabrikwerk 00:04:15 DEAR42052013

2. Krat Banks of the Sacramento Fabrikwerk 00:03:10 DEAR42016080

3. Krat Rolling Home Fabrikwerk 00:02:57 DEAR42050021

4. Krat The Crocodile Song Fabrikwerk 00:03:29 DEAR42038249

5. Krat Won’t You Go My Way? Fabrikwerk 00:03:00 DEAR42036256

6. Krat We’re All Bound to Go Fabrikwerk 00:02:58 DEAR42035990

7. Krat The Bold Princess Royal Fabrikwerk 00:04:16 DEAR42082970

8. Krat Aweigh, Santy Ano Fabrikwerk 00:03:14 DEAR42014467

9. Krat The Sailor’s Loves Fabrikwerk 00:02:06 DEAR42064589

10. Krat It’s of a Sailor Bold Fabrikwerk 00:02:05 DEAR42073382

11. Krat We Be Three Poor Mariners Fabrikwerk 00:02:30 DEAR42094368

12. Krat The Lass of Swansea Town Fabrikwerk 00:03:41 DEAR42010335

13. Krat The Saucy Sailor Boy Fabrikwerk 00:02:22 DEAR42026717

14. Krat The Golden Vanity Fabrikwerk 00:03:12 DEAR42040216

15. Krat The Bay of Biscay Fabrikwerk 00:02:54 DEAR42055128

16. Krat A Rowing Fabrikwerk 00:02:47 DEAR42028563

17. Krat Heart of Oak Fabrikwerk 00:02:48 DEAR42021483

18. Krat Sally Brown Fabrikwerk 00:02:09 DEAR42066945

19. Krat Homeward Bound Fabrikwerk 00:01:52 DEAR42050062

20. Krat Storm Along Fabrikwerk 00:03:04 DEAR42094853

21. Krat The Drunken Sailor Fabrikwerk 00:03:11 DEAR42087824

22. Krat Ward the Pirate Fabrikwerk 00:02:25 DEAR42093246

23. Krat The Bonny Ship the Diamond Fabrikwerk 00:03:28 DEAR42071671 24. Krat Captain Kidd Fabrikwerk 00:03:24 DEAR42077728

25. Krat Rolling Home to Dear Old Ireland (Rattle Jewelry) Fabrikwerk 00:02:50 DEAR42083695

rollinghome krat
A Song of the Sea Rolling Home


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