Lucky The Kid On Main St. – Henry Volt

Lucky The Kid On Main Street is the caption of the new #release by Henry Volt. Americana Songs played with melodic charme, this is the theme of this musical cycle. The bells sound heavenly, this solo instrument is heared on this album clearly. This musical style is secretly sounding. Particularly the traditional songs of the american lands are played, with very calm feeling to please the ears of offspring. Henry Volt now for you with americana melodies.

Lucky The Kid On Main St. - Henry Volt
Lucky The Kid On Main St. – Henry Volt

Playlist of the music album putty ,Lucky The Kid On Main St. – Henry Volt :

Track No. Interpreten Titel Label Spieldauer ISRC Abspielen

1. Henry Volt The Lily of the West SCHALLROLA 00:03:55 DEAR42039566

2. Henry Volt Shenandoah SCHALLROLA 00:03:49 DEAR42061839

3. Henry Volt The Yellow Rose of Texas SCHALLROLA 00:02:59 DEAR42030730

4. Henry Volt Down in the Valley SCHALLROLA 00:03:53 DEAR42061336

5. Henry Volt Rose of Alabamy SCHALLROLA 00:03:32 DEAR42044417

6. Henry Volt Go, Tell It on the Mountain SCHALLROLA 00:03:23 DEAR42061269

7. Henry Volt Oh! Susanna SCHALLROLA 00:03:15 DEAR42048432

8. Henry Volt All My Trials SCHALLROLA 00:03:55 DEAR42088881

9. Henry Volt Home on the Range SCHALLROLA 00:03:45 DEAR42074526

10. Henry Volt Amazing Grace SCHALLROLA 00:03:20 DEAR42031160

11. Henry Volt My Bonnie SCHALLROLA 00:03:54 DEAR42083754

The songs are available at the online download stores and streaming services in february 2020. On 28th you can purchase the mp3 album for download to your devices.

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